“tehran to istanbul” exhibition


“‘Personal Experience; Tehran to Istanbul’ is a collection and show of young Iranian and Turkish artist’s drawing works. These works are completely personal experiences of artists who have sought new, unique and independent experience in the contemporary visualization atmosphere apart from classic and common academic atmosphere. This layout is a choice of artist’s selected works that have been directly trained by Saeed Ensafi and Sahar Bardaie in Tehran and Istanbul, in order to gain this unique experience, since 2006. This different experience comes from the works of those who have gained extraordinary experiences in the contemporary visualization world since many years ago, from the beginning of Saeed Ensafi’s studio activity.” – Golnaz Mohammadi

Pari Afshar | Maryam Aligholipour | Faranak Irani | Golnaz Mohammadi | Nastaran Pourfarzaneh | Azar Teimouri | Behzad Zehnian | Nalan Aktaş | Gamze Alıcı | Derya Altun | Banu Batur | Esra Becan | Merve Erbilgic | Tuba Karagoz | Songül Karakoç | Yağmur Koçak | Edanur Kuntman | Şeyda Ünal

Exhibition Date: 13 February – 19 March 2016

– “Illustrative Today”: Kamerhatun Mah. Alhatun Sok. No. 25/2 Tarlabaşı Blv. Beyoğlu, 34435 Istanbul, Turkey
– “Chottomatte” gallery: Boğazkesen cd. No. 43/C Tophane, Istanbul, Turkey

Sponsored by: Evrensel publishing house and
Iranartoday, The directory of Iran contemporary art

Organizer: Sahar Bardaie
Director: Saeed Ensafi
Curator: Golnaz Mohammadi
Text: Golnaz Mohammadi, Faranak Irani
Text editor: Ghazaleh Avarzamani
Translator from English to Turkish: Yağmur Koçak
Print coordinator: Onur Öztürk
Images edited by: Pari Afshar
Press bulletin arrangement: Yağmur Koçak
Poster and catalog art director: Faranak Irani